Meeting Cancellation/Changes – next meeting Nov 5th in Queensbury

By | October 9, 2016

Apologies for the short notice but the meeting due to be held in Glydehouse on Tuesday 11th October is cancelled.

The cancellation is due to the unavailability of key people and business with Campaign work.

A key focus for the campaign at the moment is the Queensbury Tunnel ( due to the recent findings of a report by a group of independent engineers about the viability of the site, which has given the campaign to make the tunnel a cycle and walking way rather than destroy it a whole new urgency.  Details about this are due to be released to the press soon.

We therefore propose to hold our next meeting in Queensbury and to accompany it with a short bike ride around the Tunnel site on November 5th.

We’d like to do this in daytime which means we need a weekend.  Those who wish to cycle from Bradford would set off from the Pavilion Cafe in City Park (at 9:45am) and cycle up to Black Dyke Mills in Queensbury (to meet at 10:30).  This would be followed by a short bike ride around the site (30 mins approx) and a meeting back in Black Dyke Mills that  would last about an hour and a half.  Soup and refreshments will be kindly provided by Cycle Queensbury.




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