Canal Rd Update and Queensbury Tunnel

By | September 18, 2017

Dear Friends,

Just a quick update regarding cycling infrastructure developments

Canal Road Greenway Mock-upCanal Road

The Canal Road link was given approval by Bradford Council’s Executive Committee.  This was in the face of opposition from some councillors and one local business in particular.  Although it is important to hear these concerns, we feel this was a victory for cycling in Bradford because it means there will be created a safe, segregated route between Shipley and Bradford.

A number of dedicated individuals, in particular John Dennis and Claire Wright played a key part in ensuring the project wasn’t derailed and we wish to thank them for their efforts.

The T&A has an article about the opposition here and if you’re in the mood to add some positive and balanced comments from a pro-cycling perspective, feel free!
Here’s the formal decision if you’re interested:

Queensbury Tunnel

There have also been some developments on the Queensbury Tunnel.  The 6th of September was a significant day in the short history of the Queensbury Tunnel Society. Representatives from the Council, Sustrans and the Bradford Cycling Campaign discussed a way forward with independent investigations which would allow the Council to reach an informed and confident decision about the tunnel’s future.

The landscape has changed somewhat. Thanks in part to the QT Society’s efforts, HRE’s £35 million repair figure is no longer casting such a dark shadow. There is another costing in town, bringing with it an emerging acceptance that a cycle path through Queensbury Tunnel is still a viable idea and not likely to cost anything like as much as previously posited.

Find out more about the Queensbury Tunnel here:


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