Canal Road Greenway Update

By | January 25, 2018

As you will be aware the northern end of the ‘Greenway’ is now closed.  Bradford Council are working on a better solution for cyclists which will connect the end of the route with Carnegie Drive via Briggate, Crag Road and a temporary path.

In the meantime, the Council have kindly displayed a map on the route which shows the diversion.  Additionally, Sustrans National Cycle Network signs have been added here and on the Greenway in general.

Works are continuing the Southern End (Hillam Road and Stanley Road) which are still passable on-road as before but do take care in peak times as there is some quite erratic parking taking place on existing parts of the route.

Parking enforcement have been informed by members of the campaign on numerous occasions but so far no visible action has been taken that we have been informed of.

You’re encouraged to report any infringements independently here:




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