Minutes of Meetings

Below are meeting notes from a selection of our past meetings *

2018 meetings to follow

21st June 2018: BCC Minutes AGM 21st June 2018_04

4th December 2017: BCC Minutes 4th Dec 2017_04

5th December 2016: BCC Minutes 5th Dec 2016

5th November 2016:  BCC Minutes 5th Nov 2016

14 September 2016: bcc-minutes-14th-sept-2016

15 June 2016 AGM: bcc-minutes-15th-june-2016_agm_v2. Agreed at this meeting was our constitution.

12 April 2016: BCC Minutes 12th April 2016 _v1.0

15 March 2016: BCC Minutes 15th March 2016 _v1.1

Meeting Minutes10th Feb 2016: BCC Minutes 10th Feb 2016 _v1.1

19th Jan 2016: 19-01-16 BCC Minutes, v2.1

10th Dec 2015 10-12-15 – Minutes of Bradford Cycling Campaign Meeting

* All these notes are produced by volunteers and we can’t accept any responsibility for inaccuracies – although we’ll be more than happy to correct any errors or omissions if you let us know about them.