Queensbury Tunnel Update

By | February 6, 2019

Queensbury Tunnel Campaign recently posted the following on their Facebook page:


This morning, Bradford Council’s Executive formally endorsed our aspiration for the conversion of Queensbury Tunnel as a cycle route connecting the district to Calderdale.

The Council is now committed to working with stakeholders – including the Queensbury Tunnel Society – to secure a pause in Highways England’s abandonment works whilst a proposal is developed to seek funding for the scheme. Crucially, this approach is also supported by Calderdale Council.

It was recognised that the route would be of strategic importance to our emerging cycle network, with the tunnel providing a “transformational element”. A report presented to the Executive found that high value-for-money would be delivered, with £2.31 returned for every £1 invested.

The Conservative Group leader said the tunnel would be “a huge attraction for our city and district” whilst the Portfolio holder, representing Labour, described it as “the jewel in the crown”.

At a time of uncertainty, it’s great that Councillors of all political persuasions are uniting behind a project that will benefit our health, our environment, our economy and our children.

The Bradford Cycling Campaign is delighted by this news and continues to support the Queensbury Tunnel Campaign in its efforts.


2 thoughts on “Queensbury Tunnel Update

  1. James Field

    Personally I hope the old railway tunnel lives on as a cycling route rather than waste time and finances destroying it.


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