AGM – 15th June, 7pm

By | May 27, 2016

Our first Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday, 15th June, 7pm – Room C8, Richmond Building, University of Bradford

Agenda for the First AGM of the Bradford Cycling Campaign

Wednesday, 15th June 2016

Room C8, Richmond Building, University of Bradford

1. Apologies

2. Constitution – To approve. The draft constitution will be circulated at the meeting. If you would like a copy in advance, please email the Bradford Cycling Campaign.

3. Election of Officers – the draft constitution (if approved) provides for the election of seven members, as well as co-optees. See process below.

4. Bank Account – To note that a bank account is in the process of being set up with Yorkshire Bank

5. Statement of Accounts – BCC have no accounts at present.

6. Institutional Membership – Institutional membership of Cycling UK (formerly the CTC) is recommended, with an annual subscription of £75. This carries many benefits, including public liability insurance and assistance with campaigning activity.

7. Annual Individual Subscription – To agree an amount or voluntary contribution, for 2016/17. BCC need to start raising funds in order (a) to be affiliated to Cycling UK; and (b) to pay for any campaigning activity.

8. Working relations with the Bradford Cycle Club


Election of officers – The draft constitution (assuming it is approved), provides for at least seven officers. If the draft constitution is not approved (agenda item 2), the list of officers may change.

Publicity Officer
Membership Secretary
Website Webmaster

Please email any nominations for election, to the Bradford Cycling Club ( All nominations must have a PROPOSER and a SECONDER; and agreement from the nominee that he or she is willing to stand – which will be checked out before the AGM if there is nothing from the nominee in writing or email. Paper nomination forms will be available at the meeting.

The interim Chair (Dave Robison) and interim Secretary (James Craig) have indicated that they are willing to be nominated. The interim Treasurer (Liz Hills) has stated that she wishes not to be nominated.


The AGM will be followed by a short ‘normal meeting’

Agenda to include = Logo adoption, bSpoke report and AOB.

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