Bradford Cycling Campaign Meeting – Wednesday, 1st February 2017

By | January 27, 2017

Bradford Cycling Campaign Meeting – Wed 1st Feb, 6pm, Pavilion Cafe, Bradford.

Dear Bradford Cycling Supporters,

There’s a huge amount happening with cycling in Bradford at the moment – it’s almost overwhelming.  Our next Campaign meeting is on Wednesday 1st Feb, Pavilion Café at 6pm and we look forward to a good catch up!

I should also say WELCOME to our new mailing list members who have joined during a recent ‘Cycling Summit’ held at City Hall. This event showcased the (perhaps) surprising fact that there are dozens of cycling friendly organisations in Bradford, and whether we see it or not, a huge amount is being done involving cycling. Grass-roots clubs, shops, training in schools, campaigns etc. Some of this is spurred on by the looming Tour de Yorkshire event and the fact that Bradford is to host a prestigious cycling conference later in the year.

Of course there are still lots of issues and problems we face.  We need much more investment in cycling infrastructure and activities. Anti-social driving and parking continues, many roads in the District are very inhospitable, especially to inexperienced cyclists, parents don’t feel safe letting their kids cycle alone and important cycling facilities are under threat. If we are really to transform Bradford into a city of cycling – we need a step change in the number of journeys made by bike for everyday purposes. We recently input into a District wide cycling plan via B-Spoke which sets out some quite ambitious aims which we will be pushing to see fulfilled.

Now is the time to get involved and throw your weight behind the many initiatives that will be pushing the cycling agendas (environment, health, transport, sport etc.) forward.  And there are many ways you can do this.

  1. Join our meeting next Wednesday. 1stFeb, Pavilion Café at 6pm (
  2. Become a paid up member of our campaign (£10 or £5 concessions –
  3. Support one of the many groups or clubs working for cycling related activities in the District.  And make sure to sign the petition to save The Queensbury Tunnel –
  4. Join us informally via our Facebook group or Twitter
  5. Simply enjoy cycling, spread the word and encourage others to get started!

Hope to see you next Wednesday.

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