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By | February 19, 2016

Bradford Cycling Campaign have set up a group to track cycling issues around the Bradford district.

Bus parked on a cycle box ASL

Should First buses being first mean blocking an ASL?!

All cyclists have their pet peeves on the routes they ride – it could be a roundabout that is dangerous, a badly designed junction where you might be taken out by a left turning car, a cycle lane on which trucks park, pot-holes, areas with terrible provision or something that simply doesn’t make cycling sense.

The Cyclescape website offers a set of tools to track and campaign about these issues. We’ve recently set up a Group on this website for the Bradford Cycling Campaign to do just this. At the point of writing this, we haven’t put any issues in just yet, but hope to see it populated shortly.

The BCC’s group on this website can be found here:

Previously, we’ve used this Google doc to compile issues that Bradford Cycling Campaign members have been concerned about. You can still add things to this list, and at some point, we’ll look at transferring the issues across to the Cyclescape service. Perhaps you can help us out by adding some issues yourself and joining our group on the Cyclescape website.


Cyclescape Icon

Tcyclescapehis Cyclescape logo will be available to click from our homepage so you can access the Bradford group pages quickly from this website (next to our Facebook and Twitter icons)

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